mardi 17 avril 2012


It is me again... talking about this lovely village in East-Anglia.
I came here by chance, I was driving around the Suffolk Coast last week and I got a bit lost, but lucky at the same time... as it happens that the village where I got lost is this really charming, cute one: Thorpeness!
This is a holiday village, you have nice pubs and a great beach!
I heard a small anecdote about Thorpeness: in winter there are more or less 400 people and in summer there are usually more than 1600 people! Can you believe it???!!! I mean.... I am quite surprised to hear that so many people are going to the beach in England!!! 
Especially because this village has been voted into the book "The 100 worst places to live in Britain" and voted as "The weirdest village in England", well... never mind... it is a bit magical this place indeed!

There is as well an artificial lake called The Meare, that was created under the inspiration coming from "Peter Pan", as the author, Mr Barrie, was a personal friend of the family who bought the village in 1910 and I might add that there are several channels with names of the Peter Pan theme too! 

You could rent a boat and enjoy the tiny islands on The Meare and.... guess what??? 
These islands contain locations found in the Peter Pan's novel, like Wendy's home and the pirates lair! 
It is by The Meare that, as you can see, I even met a few friends that were following me...

Oh yes... there is as well a magical house called "The House in the Clouds", but this is  another story and I tell you about it another time...
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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